Promising Practices

  • Promising Practices

    Mrs. Barb Caruso wins the 2019 Promising Practice Award! 

    Mrs. Caruso received the award for her Promising Practice, the Life Line Activity. The Life Line Activity is a way for students to connect with a staff member in a mentee/mentor situation. Eighth grade students in Mrs. Caruso's health class are invited to contact a staff member with whom they feel most comfortable. In heartfelt letters, the students ask for advice, guidance, or simply offer an explanation why their chosen person is special to them. And thus begins the positive (and repeated) correspondence between staff and student! 
    The Life Line Activity is invaluable in reminding students that reaching out for help is not only ok, but encouraged...and that we are here for each and every one of them. 
    Congratulations to Barb for being recognized for this incredible award!