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    You are billed weekly at an hourly/weekly rate depending on your schedule.

    PALS rates are as follows:  Single Hourly Rate                                      $5.00


    Full time school year attendance (4 hours per day/5 days per week) would normally cost $100, but is discounted to $90.00.  Full time summer attendance (55 hours/5 days) would normally cost $275, but is discounted to $200.

    You will be billed for each on-the-hour attendance, no matter the minutes after the hour.  If a student begins the PALS day at 3:00 p.m. and is picked up at 4:15 p.m., you will be charged for 2 hours.  If your child is checked into PALS and you pick up within the hour you are still charged for that entire first hour.

    Staff is scheduled by the hour; so, to make sure we have enough staff, we bill you by the hour.



    All invoicing will be generated by our automated system and weekly bills will arrive in your email every Monday.  Please check your SPAM folder if you have not received your weekly PALS bill.  The emailed invoices have a CLICK to PAY button in which you can pay your bill directly online with a credit or debit card.  You also have an option to set up an EFT payment in which your weekly payment is directly withdrawn from your bank account automatically.   Please contact Christina Weber or Mrs. Sojdak with any questions regarding the online billing system.

    Of course, we also accept cash or check payments in the CER office, and we have a credit card machine that can process payments in the office as well.  Please call Mrs. Sojdak with your credit/debit card information and we can process over the phone if needed. 

    Please know that if we accept a check from you and it is returned, you will be charged a $40 returned check fee.  In addition, we will only accept money order, credit card, or cash payments after a check has been returned.